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Product Verticals

NGO's Financial Accounting & Reporting for Projects

NGOs can manage multiple projects from various donors and prepare financial accounts and reports with great ease.

Utility Revenue Collection & Accountancy

Utility companies (Water, Electricity, Garbage Collection, Property Rental) can easily manage their revenue and finances.

Leather Tannery production management

Starting from sourcing of Hides & Skins, supplier targets & payments, treatment process, tracking the inputs and its sales.

Trading Companies with stock management

All trading companies who deal in stocks or services. Multi store, Batches, Valuations capability for Inventory.

Water Drilling, Borehole Monitoring & Management

Drilling companies managing the contracts, costs and revenues. Each borehole can be monitored and managed.

Inspection & Survey Management

Be an individual or a professional survey agency, can define detailed survey or inspection, collect data and analyze.

XPERT's core financial modules form the basis for successful implementation of clients requirements.

Financial Accounting

Accounts module allows customers to manage their statutory accounting functions. The module is based on Internationally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Cash & Bank Management

Cash and Bank module gives the flexibility of managing Cash based accounting. Payments and receipts are entered and reconciled through this module.

NGO Project Accounting

Unique module for accounting of Donor funded projects. NGOs can manage multiple projects from various donors and prepare financial reports with ease.

Inventory Management

Manage your Inventory using XPERT's Stocks module. It supports multiple stores and batch numbers. Generates stock position, valuation and KPIs.

Accounts Receivables

The Accounts Receivables module of XPERT handles the invoicing of customers and processing of customer payments. Print or Email Invoices and Statements.

Accounts Payables

The Accounts Payables module of XPERT tracks money due to vendors, discounts, and payment terms for all invoices. Integrated with Stocks Module.

Document Management

Store all your source documents against the transaction. Create archiving folders and upload the required documents for future reference.

Security Management

In XPERT you can control which modules are accessbed by the users and the data to be accessed. You can also control which devices they can use to access.

We service all industries and audiences with our wide range of expertise and customize the modules to the organization's specific needs.

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