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Purchases & Accounts Payables

Accounts Payables module allows customers to manage their Procurement, Supplier Invoices and their Payments. XPERT has the provision to manage supplier invoices in multiple currencies and it is fully integrated with General Ledger, Stock Management Modules. Customers can take advantage of various in-built analysis reports.

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Key features in the module


Maintain comprehensive database of suppliers. Groupping can be created for suppliers and used while generating MIS reports

Get Quotes

XPERT allows collection of Quotes for items and services. Customers can then compare the prices from different suppliers.

Purchase Orders

Customers can raise Purchase Orders directly in the XPERT. These orders can then be printed or emailed to the suppliers.

Supplier Invoice/ GRN

XPERT captures the supplier invoice, both services and inventory purchased can be registered through this option into XPERT


Payments to the suppliers are captured in the XPERT. Register Advance Payments and later book to a supplier invoice.

Payables Aging Analysis

Suppliers Outstading payment saging can be generated from XPERT. This liability is devided into age group and reported.

Supplier Statements

Supplier Statements are generated directly from XPERT. These can be printed or emailed directly to suppliers.

MIS Reporting

Various MIS reports are produced by XPERT. These includes Supplier wise, Item wise, Category wise analysis reports.

On-line help including video tutorials are available to assist you in data entry and generation of reports.