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Sales & Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables module allows customers to manage their Sales, Invoicing and Collection operations. XPERT has the provision to invoice customers in different currencies and it is fully integrated with General Ledger, Stock Management Modules. Customers can take advantage of various in-built analysis reports.

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Key features in the module


Comprehensive database of customers can be managed in XPERT. Customers can be assigned with a specific Currency and monitor their debt in that currency.

Items & Services

XPERT allows creation of Stock Items as well as services. These items may have pre-defined rates or assign during invoicing.


Create invoices to customers in XPERT. The invoicing can be done in any currency along with the set exchange rate. VAT rates can be defined. Invoices & Delivery Notes can be printed or directly emailed to customers in PDF format.

Credit Notes (Refunds)

XPERT has the provision to manage the Credit Notes issues to the customers. These credits can be for discounts, stock returns from the customers, recognizing bad debts etc.


Collections from customers can be posted in XPERT. These collection as assigned to existing Invoices and offset their balances.

Aging Analysis

Debit aging can be generated directly from XPERT.

Customer Statements

Customer Statements are generated directly from XPERT. These can be printed or emailed directly to customers

Data import and export function are provided to/from major office applications (Excel, Word etc).