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Inventory Management

Inventory module is the comprehensive stock management system. It allows users to effectively monitor the inventory and assist in maintaining economical levels of each stock item. Performance of each stock items is monitored and reported in XPERT.

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Key features in the module


XPERT allows managing inventory in different stores (Stock Locations)

Stock Items

XPERT allows managing various stock items along with their Units, Re-order levels and Pack Sizes, and VAT application on those items.

Movement (or Transfers)

Stock Items can be moved from one store to another and recorded in the system. In this procedure overall stock quantity/value is not effected rather the location of the items is changed.


XPERT allows simple Assembly transactions to be registered in the system. These are particularly useful when you combine multiple items and do certain value addition to create a new product. You can use both Stock Items and Services to Assemble the stock Items.

Store Issue Requests

For the customers who consume the available stock internally this feature is applicable. A request is raised by the respective departments and items issued. Once the request is approved, XPERT automatically calculates the costs and record in the GL

Purchases & Sales

Inventory module is fully integrated with Accounts Receivables, Sales Module, Purchase, and Accounts Payables Modules.

Stock Taking

Periodical stock-taking can be done in XPERT. Variances in the book and physical is recorded.

MIS Reporting

Various MIS reports are produced by XPERT. These includes Stock Balances Report, Stock Re-order List (with minimum quantities), Stock Movements, and Stock Bin Cards among others.

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