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Cash & Bank Management

XPERT’s Cash and Bank module gives the flexibility of managing Cash based accounting. All payments and receipts are entered through this module. The module is fully integrated with the Accounts module creating the required Journals. Periodical reconciliations can be performed using this module.

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Key features in the module

Payments & Receipts

Funds received and paid are entered in this module. Each payment made can be allocated to one or more projects. The cashier making the payments can only access the accounts and projects allocated to him/her. Existing transactions can be edited based on your permissions and status of the transactions.


Online reconciliation allows you to mark the cleared transactions and generate a reconciliation report. Reconciliation report is generated and archived for future reference. Unreconcile option is also available if needed.

Import & Export

If you have disconnected offices from internet, the Cash book can be sent in a soft copy (Excel, CSV formats). XPERT will validate and import the data without the need for manual data entry


You can set reminders for yourself or for others on each transaction.


If you are subscribed to Documents module, you can upload all the related scanned documents for the transaction. This can be accessed any time anywhere via internet.

Data import and export function are provided to/from major office applications (Excel, Word etc).