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Security Management

XPERT Security Management module is a comprehensive security solution for your financial system. Individual users can be created and assigned with access permissions. You can also control the data each user accesses in each screen.

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Key features in the module

Unlimited Users

XPERT allows customers to create unlimited users. These users can login to the system from any internet enabled device.

Module Privileges

Users can be assigned with Module Privileges. Administrator is responsible for assigning these privileges.

Data Access Control

XPERT also controls user’s access to the data. For example if you have a manager responsible for two projects, permission can be set only to view those two projects, the rest of the data will not be visible for that user.

Audit Trail

XPERT keeps the trail of each transaction (New data insertion, or updating existing data) in the database and can be reviewed when required.

Secured Sockets Layer

XPERT is a cloud based system, meaning it can be accessed from internet via a Web Browser. All the communication between your computer and the data center is encrypted ensuring the security of the data over the internet.

Automated Backups

We know, some-times you forget to take backups of your data. To avoid this problem, we have automated this process, XPERT keeps Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups. In case you want to restore your data to a previous version we can do that for you.

Communication between the server and browser is encrypted with 128bit SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) and eliminates any possible threts while data is in transit.